Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Returning Home

When the time to depart from Alaska came, we experienced mixed-feelings.  There was the need to stick to the schedule and make it home on time (we were a bit sad because we really love this beautiful and bountiful wildlife heaven, but at the same time we were excited to go back on our trail and visit places and see people we love), so, without hesitation we took our wintry clothing and rain gear, and on our way we went.  As usual, it was a rainy, foggy and cold day.  

On our way to Canada, we took the White Pass and Yukon Route (on the road, not the train), beautiful road trip!  We encounter many tourist  buses parked on the road while people took pictures of the area.  I tried to do the same from my back seat; here are some of those pictures… 

Hundreds of Beautiful Water Falls
Canadian Customs Fraser
We went directly to Watson Lake, Yukon Territory (around 320 miles).  The temperature had dropped considerably in the last two weeks and they had frost few times already!  We were relieved when the rain stopped and we could see a beautiful rainbow as a promise of better weather waiting for us on the way. J

In Watson Lake we visited the Northern Lights Centre (just 2 miles from our hotel) and had a great time watching the show.   There are few things to do in this small town, and this was one of them, besides visiting the World Famous Sign Post Forest (just across the street from the Northern Lights Centre). 

World Famous Sign Post Forest
It was funny to find our new friends from Minnesota once again at the “Air Force Lodge”; they were on their way back home as well.  After a nice chat with some of the guest, we got ready for a well deserved night’s rest since next day we would be on the road for 12+ hours.