Monday, May 30, 2011

Preparing for Takeoff

As our vacation’s time arrives, my husband Matt can't wait to get "OURBMW" ready for takeoff.  He is already thinking about new tires, oil change... and the fun we are going to have!  Of course, I'm also thinking about MY priorities... clothes, toiletries, comfortable extra shoes/sandals, places I would love for us to visit and nice hotels to spend the nights.  As we look through our previous tours, we find ourselves revisiting those places and considering whether we should go again or just try another route this time.  It's always exciting to prepare for these tours.  We set our goal, divide the miles into the days we have available, and search for attractions on the way.  We try to visit places we will be happy to recommend to our friends and customers... museums (to inspire my artistic work), shows, aquariums, historic places, and once we find a good hotel, our day ends with a nice dinner. 

Later on we will let you know how our preparations are coming along... until then, have fun and drive save!


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  1. WOW! This is such an amazing thing -- I had no idea when I saw you last that it would be so long before I saw you again! I look forward to hearing of your free-wheeling adventures ~>:-D Travel safe and see many cool things!