Saturday, August 20, 2011

Haines a Friendly and Lovely Place

View of Haines from the ferry

We have enjoyed a lot our stay in Haines.  We know most of the places in town, and met many other travelers and local residents.  The town is so small that the chances of finding the same people everywhere you go, over and over, are very high.  For example, Barbara, the lady we met at the museum, was at the same Mexican restaurant we went for lunch on Friday, and next day, we drove 33 miles to have lunch and guess who was there?... Barbara and four other girlfriends!  She introduced us to her friends and next thing we know, we were invited that evening to a birthday party. 
Some of our new friends in Haines
Dawn, one of Barbara’s friends was celebrating her birthday and wanted us to see the view from her front porch and share a piece of cake (since Matt and Lucy’s birthday was few days after hers), and play some board games.   We accepted the invitation and few hours later we were sitting at her table for cake and ice cream, and later, a scrumptious sockeye smoked salmon salad, and king salmon salad with pumpernickel bread.  We also played “MIT Chinese Checkers” (don’t ask me! lol).  Dawn’s husband was trying to help me while Dawn and Barbara helped Matt.  It was so much fun!!!

View from Dawn's porch

After couple of hours of chatting and playing, they asked if we would like to go to Lucy’s place (a beautiful Assisted Living Home right behind our Bed & Breakfast) to play music and sing hymns.  So, there we go… Lucy’s daughter played the piano while the rest of us spent a good amount of time singing hymns to the enjoyment of the employees and some of the residents.  It was like being at church!  We loved the opportunity to meet these great people and share such a special time with them.  We will always treasure these moments in our hearts.

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