Tuesday, August 2, 2011

North Dakota

We started the day with a rain/thunderstorm.  I really thought we will have to stay another day in Minnesota, but Matt said it was a thing of a couple of hours, after checking the weather online, he made some changes on our schedule, and his prognostic was right... after 2 hrs of horrible weather, the sky cleared and we were on our way to North Dakota.

Thank goodness my wise husband decided to make reservations in the morning because EVERY single hotel was full!!!  People were looking for hotels all over the place in North Dakota without any success. 

We really enjoyed the ride from Minnesota to North Dakota.  It was so beautiful!  They say there are 10,000 lakes in Minnesota; well we could see at least 200 of them!  No kidding, here are some pictures I took on the way.

Enjoy it! J

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