Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Three Days of Beauty

From Fort St. John we went to Fort Nelson where we had hotel reservations, but it was too early and a lazy Sunday afternoon, so we decided to continue to Watson Lake.  On our way we encountered even more road work, but it was worth it. 

We stayed at the Air Force Lodge, a completely restored 1942 pilot quarters that offers quiet and super clean rooms.  The owner, Michael Lexon, made us feel welcomed since our first contact over the phone.  We met very interesting and great people there (some of them on their way up north to Anchorage, Alaska or Whitehorse, Yukon).  We shared experiences and knowledge about the best places to go, and even though we left the place at different intervals, we ended up meeting at a restaurant in the next town where we went for brunch, and continued our conversation.  There we met another nice couple from Minnesota who showed us some of the beautiful pictures they have taken.

We have decided to go directly to Skagway from Watson Lake, but needed to replace both low beam headlights, so we went to Whitehorse instead.  Matt bought the last two H7 bulbs in the Yukon Territory (no joke!).  We really loved Whitehorse.  Here you will find very nice people, good restaurants, and great places to visit. 

So far we have seen bears, bisons, moose and chipmunks.  Taking pictures of these is not easy, but I'll keep trying!J

Over and out for now, since we have to get on our way to Haines, Alaska.  More to come tonight…

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