Thursday, August 4, 2011

North Dakota to Montana

OK!  We traveled from Jamestown, ND to Glasgow, MT and spend the night at the Cottonwood Inn & Suites.  By the way, at this private owned hotel, you will also find a campground area/RV park for those that prefer to camp.  The hotel has a restaurant, indoor pool/spa and offers transportation.  They are expanding the property to include 22 more rooms for a total of 146 guest rooms and suites.

On our way to Montana, the temperature dropped about 23 degrees (we had to put on a windbreaker).  The view of The Great Plains is very relaxing and beautiful.  Of course it makes me sleepy, so I did sleep a little bit on the way.  Matt also started sleeping, but don't worry... we have a GPS!  LOL Just kidding!!!  The poor guy, slept like a baby last night!  It's amazing how many motorcyclists are out there this week.  We have met many of them; some on their way from New Hampshire to Sturgis in South Dakota, others from Maine and Michigan to Glacier National Park, and others just waiving on the way.

One thing that got me wide awake was to see a pick up truck loosing a wheel barrow on the highway just in front of us!   Thank goodness there was only light traffic and with a swerve to the right Matt got around it. Other than that, the journey was delightful, despite the downpour we got into.  The cumulus nimbus started towering and I started shaking! 

Here are some more pictures for your enjoyment…

North Dakota's floods

Break Stop

Heading to the downpour!

Theodore Roosevelt National Park, ND

Got Road?

Entering Fort Peck Indian Reservation

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