Friday, August 19, 2011

Something to Ponder Upon

Signs Forest, Watson Lake, Yukon Territory

Motorcyclists with camping gear

Have you ever wonder why motorcyclists like to ride so far from one point to another just to see places you can reach by plane, car or RV?  Many people think we are crazy!  Well, you might be a bit right about that, but allow me to tell you something... you have no idea what you are missing!!! 

While on a motorcycle, you are part of the surroundings.  You feel the air, the fragrance from the flowers and trees (of course there are some smells not too delightful at all), you see first hand everything that happens around you.  You can take uncountable amounts of pictures of every inch you see around you... many actually!

On our way to Haines, Alaska


Grizzly family eating fresh salmon
We love Haines!
One thing that is not possible to do for certain is to plan way ahead.  The weather condition, road condition and availability at hotels make this task a complete adventure.  Many people decide to spend the night on campgrounds and such, but in our case, we definitely prefer a nice hotel room, a hot shower, and a comfortable bed where we can have a well deserved night’s rest. 
Camping out, too close to the bears!
Sgt. Prestons Lodge, Skagway, Alaska
Additional to these facts, you have the opportunity to meet great people from all over the word that are traveling the same way, on motorcycle.  We have met people from Sweden, Germany, England and other places, which had shipped their motorcycle to the lower States, Canada or Alaska.  Once their bikes arrive they fly and get on the road for weeks.  It’s funny to see all the stickers from all the places they have visited.  It makes me think about doing that as well… maybe Europe next time?  Matt think there is yet much to see around here.  So, I will keep dreaming with the possibility. J 

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