Friday, August 17, 2012

From Billings to Missoula, MT

Another beautiful and gorgeous day.  Carolina blue sky, perfect weather, and light traffic makes traveling easy and enjoyable.  Of course is not always like that, but today it was. 

We traveled trough various towns and villages and opted to spend the night in Missoula, a beautiful town in the heart of the northern Rockies in Western Montana.  Missoula is called the "Garden City" with lots of trees and gardens (something unusual for this area).   A well-traveled route due to its rivers, mountain valleys, and beautiful surroundings.  The majestic mountains, forests, rivers, and valleys serve as inspiration to many artist and crafters.  Here you will find a vast array of museums, galleries and art studios (my favorite places to visit), exhibiting from western and wildlife paintings to sculpture and contemporary art.  Music festivals and cultural events are offered through the year.  Missoula is also recognized as a Runner Friendly Community.  So, if you enjoy running, this could be a great place to vacation.  For a fine dining experience we recommend Jakers Steak-Ribs & Fish House,on Brooks St.  Excellent food and service.  Thanks, Kimberly!

Here are some of today's pictures...

Enjoy it! J

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  1. Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing your blog with me Madeline. Have a wonderful vacation! from Nicole Cooper.