Thursday, August 16, 2012

Gone With The (cross) Wind

WOW!!!   What a day!  We started early with a succulent breakfast at our hotel and decided to visit the Corn Palace (the one and only Corn Palace in the world), which was just a mile from the hotel.  This is a most to see if you are visiting Mitchell, South Dakota.  The concept started as a way to attract people to the city when they started to experience slow growth during the late 1800's.  It has multiple and enormous mosaic displays of unique artwork which illustrate scenes from bygone era, history, and present.   The mosaics are made using the entire corn plant.  It is like "color by corn" lol. The design is first printed as a pattern on the walls then it is filled with different colors of corn, with so much details that from the distance you can't say it is corn.  The display inside the building is permanent and the outside is changed every year.  We had the opportunity to see the crew going through the entire process.  Amazing!  Since their beginnings, the town celebrates an annual festival with shows, concerts, rides and activities for the whole family.  So again, this was an interesting, educative and unique experience!  Thanks to Jan for the recommendation.



Outside view

Somebody have to eat all that delicious corn!

From the Corn Palace, we headed to Rapid City.  We wanted to pass by Badlands but instead we encounter BAD WINDS!!!   This fact changed our plans for the afternoon.  It was absolutely the worst winds we have had so far on this trip.  Fighting the wind was a complete workout.  We stopped for lunch and it was funny to see everybody complaining about the same thing... the wind!   Bikers and RV drivers alike, everyone concerned about it.  Some people asked us where we were going and expressed their best wishes on our journey.    We also met a nice guy from Florida who was on his way back home from Alaska!  Imagine that!  He was thankful he have had great weather so far,  but now was time for a little challenge with the wind.  

Once we checked in at the hotel in Rapid City, we went for dinner at Fuji Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar, a new restaurant in town.  It was delicious, and a lot of fun... highly recommended!

Now we just hope for a nicer day tomorrow!!! J

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