Friday, August 17, 2012

From Rapid City, SD to Billings, Montana

Have you ever thought you are making the best out of a day to soon realize that you have to stop and start all over again, loosing not only your time, but your rhythm? lol. Well, that is exactly what happened today!

We were really excited about being on the road so early this morning because we wanted to go through Sturgis, and maybe visit once again the Presidents at Mt. Rushmore.  Well, we were already in Sturgis (30 miles from Rapid City), when we stopped to check on the GPS for the Harley Davidson store (we wanted to get a gift for our friend Bill).  It was at that moment when Matt realized that we did not have the tank bag with us!!!  Oh my goodness!!!  PANIC!!!  In that bag is all our important documents, passports, etc.  We immediately called the hotel and luckily, Mr. Pat has found it outside in the parking lot, and it was waiting for us to be picked up.  So, back we went 30 miles to Rapid City, but thankful for finding our so important cargo!  Thanks again, Pat!

Back in Sturgis we went to the HD store (it was strange to see a beemer in that parking lot), and drove around town to take a look at the center of the annual bike week.  The festivities just ended last week, in fact, we saw hundreds if not thousands of bikes coming back from Sturgis.  This time the town looked quiet and calmed.  People were back into their normal routine, but still some bikers were roaming around taking a glimpse of that famous place. 

Notice the tire marks on the road

Considering that we had visited Mt. Rushmore two years ago, we decided to continue our journey to Billings, MT.  It was a beautiful ride.  No wind, sunny sky, temperature between 65 and 80 degrees, an absolute enjoyable journey! 




Wild Horses
                                                                                                 They were everywhere!

Dwellings along the road

   Wild fire results

We met nice people on the way, had lunch at Powder River Stockman's Club in Broadus, MT.  Great place to eat on your way to Billings. 

Today we drove around 380 miles.  We hope to be in Seattle in two more days. J

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  1. So nice to have met you at the Stockman's Club. Thank you for giving us your card with blog info. It's fun to read about your experiences and share the feelings we feel too! Jay and I were the ones on our way back from Miles City on our way back to Wisconsin. We'll keep reading. Judi and Jay from Milwaukee.