Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Third and Fourth Day on the Road

When we got to our hotel on Sunday night, we really hoped for a better weather next day(Monday), but that was not the case.  After breakfast, Matt had to spend some extra time looking for an alternate route to avoid the thunderstorms that were threatening the area.  With the desire to get to our next destination, we took off under a dreary day.  It was a blessing to be able to stop under a bridge, just on time to put on the rain gear before running into the rain.  Thank God, it was a light and brief one!  The good Lord helped us to avoid the entire storm.  It was amazing how we kept on riding between the storms and not got under any of it.  We literally drove directly from Richmond, Indiana to Coralville, Iowa, with only one stop for lunch & gas.  With no time to stop for site seeing due to the weather, we just drove straight to our hotel.  The hotel was really nice and their service was outstanding (thanks to Kelly at the Comfort Suites).

Today we enjoyed a wonderful ride through the Great Plains, from Iowa to South Dakota.  It was a beautiful sunny day with a perfect temperature of 75 degrees.  It is so relaxing to travel along these plantations and farms, I particularly love the windmills along the way.  They look like hard working giants, who will never stop until they accomplish their task.  It is like visiting old friends.  The place look so familiar to us.  This is the fourth  time we pass this way, and always find it new and interesting.  Once again, we drove straight from Iowa to Mitchell, South Dakota, with only one stop for lunch and gas.

While Matt enjoy to ride his beemer, one thing that I enjoy while riding is... a little nap!  The surrounding views, the wind, the beauty of the area its so relaxing that I can not help, but just relax and sleep a little.  Ok, sometimes I get upset because I miss things that I would have loved to see and photograph, but other times I am happy that I missed those things.  For example, today there was an accident on the highway which involved a trailer truck and several vehicles.  When I woke up, I saw the heavy traffic and took some pictures because I thought it was odd to have a traffic jam in that area.  Well, it was tonight when talking with my dear husband about our day that I learned what was the reason for that traffic jam.  After thinking and praying for the people involved, I thought... yeah, sometimes it's better to take a nap.

So far we have traveled 1,400 miles in four days.  We are stopping just one time for lunch and gas; by doing that, we can check in at the hotel early enough to go shopping and find a good restaurant.  Since we don't like to ride during the night, the earlier we get to our destination, the better. 

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