Sunday, August 12, 2012

On Our Way to Vancouver Island

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Yes!  It is that time of the year once again... our yearly motorcycle tour.  This time we decided to visit Vancouver Island, Victoria, Seattle, Rocky Mountains and whatever interesting things or places we encounter on our way!

This is our second day on the road.  We are spending the night in Indiana, and tomorrow we will keep on heading into the sunset!

Yesterday - our first day of travel - was raining so bad that we had to stop after just 170 miles on the road.  It was early, but we could not continue due to the thunderstorm and fog.  In contrast, this morning was a blessing to see such a perfect day... Carolina blue sky, sunny, cool, and breezy!  The perfect combination for a wonderful motorcycle ride!  We hope to enjoy the same weather conditions tomorrow. 

Note:  Just in case you are planning a trip to West Virginia, be aware that they are celebrating its State Fair right now.  We tried to find a hotel and it was unsuccessful, period.  There is no vacancy at this moment.  Try to call ahead to make reservations, otherwise you will have to drive a great distance to locate a hotel with available rooms.  You can visit to check for availability 24 hours before your arrival to the area.

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