Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sleepless in Seattle

We can not believe what a beautiful weather we encountered in Seattle!  Sleepless, because we just want to keep going instead of returning to the hotel at night!  There is so much to see and do in Seattle that you really have to chose very carefully what you want to do, otherwise you will soon realize that you miss out the most interesting things.  In our case, we knew we wanted to dine out at the Space Needle, go to the Glass and Art Museums, stroll Seattle Center, go to Pike Market Place, and see Mt. Rainer.  Well, first of all we did not know we needed to make reservations for the restaurant (we have visited the place before and at that time we didn't need reservations), so it was impossible to have dinner up there on Sunday night.   We tried to make reservations for Monday night, and it was also completely booked!  They told us to call in next morning to see if there were any cancellations which we did and found a spot at 8:45pm. Lesson #1, always make reservations a day or so ahead if you really want to have dinner at the Space Needle!  Instead we went to see a group of street musicians from Peru who were offering a beautiful show just across the SN, and from here to a nearby restaurant.

We also went to see a memorial to one of the most loved journalists in Seattle who just died from a 12 yr battle with a brain tumor last Monday.  People were leaving notes of sympathy, messages and flowers at the entrance of the TV station were she worked until her lasts days. We learned that she had just created a foundation for the treatment of brain tumor.  This was one of those things that it just happens when you are around and you feel compelled to offer encouragement to others. 

From here we went to the Glass museum where we had the opportunity to attend a lecture and demonstration from one of their featured artists.  It was amazing to see how from a little piece of glass they ended up with a 20lbs vase which was added to the artist's collection to be painted and exhibited next year.  Beautiful exhibition!


From the Glass Museum we went to the famous Pike Market Place.  WOW!!!  We love this place!  It is fun, interesting, and definitely unique.  Of course, to go around the entire market you need a full day, and we had just few hours before they started closing up.  We found this great German restaurant, Uli's Beierstube, and had authentic Thueringer, Nuernberger, and another German Bratwurst with loewensenf, potato salad, slaw, and sauerkraut.  Matt felt at home!  Can you believe we came back next day to lunch the same thing?  They did not even asked what we wanted, they just knew what to serve! Lol  Really nice people.  At the market you will see from fascinating vendor's interaction with their customers, like Pike Market Fish Co., to street performers; making the visit a fun attraction for the whole family.  




Of course, you can not miss the first and original Starbucks Cafe.  The line to get in was so long that we just took some pictures of this incredible situation, and decided to come back 
next day. 

Yes, it is fun to visit Seattle and even more when the sun is out and the temperature is around 75F. Definitely a sleepless time! J

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