Thursday, August 23, 2012

More of Seattle

What to do when you feel you haven't had enough of something?  Just go for more, right?  Well, that is exactly what we did on Monday.  We went back to Seattle Center and this time we found Gas Works Park, the perfect place to see Seattle skyline and take some pictures.  It was again a beautiful sunny day with a perfect temperature.  From the hill at the center of the park you could take a 360 degrees look at the city and its adjacent areas, in addition to people enjoying aquatic sports.

As always, we find little things that bring us a smile!  On our walk back to the parking area, my ever aware husband spotted a little metal tube attached by a magnet to a gas tank.  Not wasting time, he opened it to find out this little tube was a time capsule!  Immediately we added our names to it and put it back were it was for the last three years. So, next time you visit Seattle, go to the Gas Works Park and look for the capsule, just continue the fun!

From the park we went straight to Pike Market, we just did not have enough time the day before to see it all. This time we saw the entire place (if this is possible!), went back to the German restaurant for lunch, and purchased few gifts.  It was fun to see all the action that goes on at that place.  Finally we  could get in at the Starbucks Coffee (after waiting for 25 minutes), and got our delicious drink.  Their employees are young and happy people ready to help you with your decisions... light or regular? J


After spending several hours at the market, we went back to pick up our bike and our new friend, Ramon, mentioned about a Puertorican restaurant nearby, and suggested we sample some of their food.  Of course, that was exactly what we did!  We though to try some appetisers before our dinner date at the Space Needle but when we saw the menu at La Isla Restaurant, we knew there was no way we will skip that experience.  So, we called and canceled the reservation at SN, hoping someone else could use the spot we left.  We highly recommend La Isla Restaurant if you are looking for something different and absolutely delicious!  They offer authentic Caribbean food which includes seafood menus, and a beautiful display of original artwork from Puertorican Artists.  On another note, we shortly learned that parking in Seattle is a challenge but if you park at the City Target's parking lot (below the store) and spend $20.00, they will deduct $10.00 off your parking ticket.  This is a good thing if you need to buy something anyway since the parking price around town are really high!

We finally made it to the Space Needle and had a great time up there.  This year they are celebrating their 50th anniversary and the top is painted in orange, the original color at that time.  Visiting this landmark is always a nice experience.  Obviously for security reasons, they are now inspecting all hand bags and such items at the entrance.  If you are having dinner at their restaurant, the entrance is included in the cost. 

Notice Mt. Rainier on the background
So, next time you visit Seattle, make plans to include this experience on your schedule... we are.J

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